Payment in advance by bank transfer.

 IBAN ES84 2038-1804-65-6000203909 / BANKIA

You must indicate in "concept" of the bank transfer, the order number and the name and surname. It is recommended that you send us proof of payment with your personal information and the order number when you have made the bank transfer to

    Payment by credit card and debit

Visa, Master Card and American Express have developed a system to safely make payments on the Internet. The Secure Electronic Commerce system is based on the card issuer (bank or savings bank) identifying the holder of the card before authorizing payment online.

SENXUALFUN.COM. is adhered to this security protocol so, once you have selected the product to be purchased and entered your card number, an Emisor window is opened that asks for your identification, showing one of the following icons:

The data of your card and your password are protected by this security system from the moment of its introduction.

Once the identification is completed, the Issuer informs that the purchase is being made by the cardholder, so that the card can complete the process. If the identification has not been satisfactory, the Issuer communicates it to SENXUALFUN.COM so that it proceeds accordingly.

This window is outside the control of SENXUALFUN.COM, being the responsibility of its Issuer any incident that may arise with it, having to contact this entity if it were faced with this situation.

The accepted cards are: Visa, Master Card, Euro Card, Maestro and Euro-6000.

This system is completely confidential and the data can not be seen by third parties.

You can also pay securely through the Paypal payment platform.